Reality Augmenter Release Notes 0.9.0

New Rendering Pipeline

After many problems with stability and threading, the rendering pipeline has been completely rewritten.

Thread synchronisation has been tightened, with all interactions between the GUI and the background rendering thread now locked to specific synchronisation points. Core data is now used in the main thread only, with background rendering objects handled by a seperate provider. Fixes a multitude of crashes and hangs, the application is much more stable and runs better under heavy load, providing a higher fps throughout.

OpenGL resources are better managed, resources are allocated, reused and reclaimed more efficently.

OpenGL mutli threading disabled, it was causing some interesting thread conflicts but didn’t bring any signficant performance increase. May bring it back as user option.

Single Area Processor Auto Creation

Processors are now automatically created for each chop area, making sources available instantly for the mapping layers.

New property added to single areas, Black to Alpha. this makes any black pixel transparent, for use in overlays. This functionality will be expanded on in the future as it’s a bit basic.

Single area processors will eventually be hidden from the user before the final release, their functionality will be moved to the mapping layers, freeing processors for special cases.

Other changes

Default mapping defintions automatically created for detected outputs.

Double clicking the sources table now activates chop area editing mode.

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