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George Brown (a.k.a. Serious Cyrus) is a software developer based in Luzern, Switzerland.

This site contains my independently developed projects, working in OSX and iOS using Cocoa, objective-c, openGL, Quartz Composer and other technologies.

I like to experiment with projection mapping with auto generative and reactive visuals, providing new levels of immersion.

My current project is the Reality Augmenter, a projection mapping tool for iOS and OSX. Originally used to develop my amazing projection mapped DJ setup using OSX and Serato Scratch Live, I since developed an iOS version after friends expressed an interest in the technology and looking for a convenient, portable and cheap solution. Projection (or Video) mapping is an underused technology, it’s seen as complex and expensive, and in the realm of large scale shows and big projects. I think it has tremendous applications without requiring complex setups and teams of designers, simple visuals with effective placements make for striking displays.

For a long time I was also a professional GE Smallworld developer, specialising in the utilities and telecommunications industries, developing GIS projects for large scale enterprise wide GIS applications. In this work I gained extensive experience of software development at all levels, from gathering customer requirements, installing and upgrading software on site, development of customisations and upgrades on my own and in teams, unit testing, writing documentation, delivering training courses and presenting software at board level.

Want to hire me? See my CV here in English and in German. Or PDF Files in English and German

Website of the Reality Augmenter