Custom QC Processor for Rane Sixty Two

Spent the afternoon building a custom QC overlay for the Rane Sixty Two that can be used as a processor in the Reality Augmenter.  Ideal resolution is 370×720 px for the processor. (Based on the dimensions of the mixer, 265mmx360mm, I just double the values for a nice crisp finish)


It takes image inputs for the Preview area and loops, and let’s you quickly setup a layer covering the entire Sixty Two in one go, reducing setup time.

It also enhances the EQ knobs, giving a nice readout on their levels.

Quick vid showing it in action:

EDIT : I updated the QC File to use a macro instead of a custom library patch, wasn’t sure if custom library patches are exported with compositions.  Anyway, this one should be completely self contained.  No plugins required.

Serato Video Album Art Loader

A Quartz Composer file you can drop in your media crate, and it will attempt to load album art from a shared directory based on the Album name of the current playing track.

The default path for the album artwork is ~/Music/AllAlbumArtwork.  You can change it in the file using the AlbumArtworkPath input splitter patch.


You can see it in effect in this video: