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Case studies and examples of the Reality Augmenter in the wild.

Reality Augmenter iOS Window Display at Frisør

An example of the Reality Augmenter as a window display at my friend’s salon in Luzern (

Using projection mapping for window displays is one application of the Reality Augmenter I’m particularly interested in. Eye catching displays can be setup relatively easily, and now that the Reality Augmenter is on iOS, cheaply. There’s no longer a need for a powerful laptop and complex and expensive software to run simple installations.

In this case the Reality Augmenter is running on an iPad mini connected to a projector at the back of the salon (an Epson EMP-TW680, bought second hand), and projecting onto a combination of double layer fine net curtains or frosting layered directly on the glass.

The app is running a single custom made movie made with Quartz Composer and rendered to a custom format using QtzRendang (QTZRendang on Google Code). The QC file is basically a three way slide show made from photos cropped to the correct aspect ratio of the windows and supplied to me by the owner. The movie is displayed twice, once for each set of windows. You can find the QC file here , you will need Quartz composer to run it, a free developer tool supplied by Apple.

In addition to the movie, the new Text feature is used to show the salon web address and telephone number, which is overlaid on the central window. the Text feature is available in version 1.1 of the Reality Augmenter, so upgrade if it’s not present!

If you are interested or would like help in setting up such a display, please don’t hesitate to contact me through any of the channels at the bottom of the webpage.

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