Development update

Well it’s been a while since I posted here. Still been struggling with iOS 11, apple fixed my core data issues, or rather, they added a new option without really telling anyone they have to use it, and buried it’s scant documentation in a .h file. But it’s sorted, only took a month.

TBH, there seems to be a lot of updates, and the documentation is very poor. We used to get change logs for every class and framework, but that no longer seems to be the case. I might have picked up my problem if the change logs were still issued, but as it was, Apple just added a new vital option and acted suprised when not everyone had gone through every .h file in the system and couldn’t figure out this new feature.

I was not alone in this, I even raised a code level support issue with Apple, where they’re supposed to help you out fixing bits of code you can’t figure out, and whoever got assigned to help me from Apple couldn’t figure it out so they refunded me the support call (we get 2 per year as part of the license).

So, anyway, after finally getting a curt reply on my bugs, I get my app working in iOS11. Yay! Immediately check things are ok by running my tests, and a good bunch of them fail, what’s happened now? Not that many changes in iOS11 affect my code! how can this happen? Well, the new iOS simulators can’t do openGL very well, the simulators run at a snails pace and everything keeps timing out, causing all my fails. Ugh.


Start looking into that, and hooray! the new XCode beta fixes it! I go to install that, and…… it just stops calling the entry points to my openGL code, nothing renders! Another bug, not as catastrophic yet as the previous one, it runs fine on devices on the current version of iOS11, but it puts a bit of a dent in my automated testing. I’ve said it before, but surely this one can’t fester, there must be a thousand and one games using openGL, I await news with baited breath.

Anyway, all this set me back another couple of days, it’s very frustrating, I don’t like having to create example projects isolating bugs for Apple when I should be writing my own stuff. Back to trying to put my new UI changes in place, more soon.

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