Reality Augmenter Minimix

Little indie mini mix with serato Dj and video.

The album art is done by a Qc composition that grabs album art from a folder based on the album name data point, this QC composition is the only item in my Mdeia Crate so auto loads on every track. The reality augmenter combines this via syphon with the interface and projects it onto the decks.

Sorry about the audio, I forgot to hit record for the audio and didn’t have time to rerecord it, i’ll see if I have time over the christmas holidays.

To move the album art to a shared folder, I used Dougs applescript “Save Album Art as folder.jpeg” ( I then I have my own applescript to rename folder.jpeg to the owning folders name (the album name), then used finder to find all jpeg files, and moved them to a single folder. I didn’t base it on the iTunes folder structure as I have lots of compilation albums, and combining artist name and album name doesn’t work as a path when stored under “Various Artists”.

The QC composition then uses the album name data point (kSSV_SeratoDataAlbum) and a string printer to make the path for the image importer patch. The rotation is controlled with the Song position data point (kSSV_SeratoDataSongPosition). A watcher patch on the album names prompts the image importer to update.


James – Skindiving
Phantogram – Mouthful of Diamonds
Chromatics – Lady
Gorillaz – Stylo (feat. Mos Def & Bobby Womack)
Sebastian – Love In Motion [feat Mayer Hawthorne]
UNKLE – Hold My Hand

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