Reality Augmenter Release Notes 0.9.2

New Circular Warp processor

This release has a new processor, a Circular Warp distortion, bend inputs areas to your will. It has options specifically to set up for projection mapping a waveform to a turntable as seen in some of my videos. Either set the dergrees for the arc, or switch to turntable mode and use the total length of the waveform in seconds, combined with the record speed to get a waveform perfectly matched to the turntable. This feature was a long time in coming, but would not work to a satisfactory performance level in it’s previous CI Filter form. Implemented in my own openGL solution, it’s super fast even on large areas.


  • Processors view redsigned, the processor controls have been removed from the main view and image inputs table expanded. Controls area was normally too small to be useful.
  • Processors now have inspector popups, controls accessed from there.
  • Insert dialog updated to look better and added more controls.
  • QC Compositions can now have dimensions updated after insert.
  • Added help popoup to the mapping layers view.
  • General small GUI updates to layout, spacing, constraints etc.
  • Texture sizes limited to 2048×2048 or as large as the GPU allows (May be adjustable in the future, depending on GPU)


  • QC Parameters sometimes not being available fixed.
  • Fixed layer table view constraints in outputs view.
  • Fixed 2 channel mixer shader inputs and controls.
  • Fixed crash on document close if image processors were in use.

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