Reality Augmenter Release Notes 1.1.0

Another update that’s been a long time coming. The main focus of this update is the underlying OpenGL code, which has been upgraded to support Core Profile 3.2. This was done for a variety of reasons. To enable better code sharing with a future iOS app, to better support new features to come soon and generally bring the code up to modern OpenGL Standards. The Fixed Function Pipeline is gone, drawing has been simplified and shaders upgraded.

In addition I’ve also fixed the annoying hang or crash that could occur mainly when adding or removing chop areas. A little more GPU memory is consumed when using views with previews, the output view has no such views and should be used for when optimal performance is required. Drawing to GUI views is now only done in the main thread, the background rendering no longer tries to lock views and should be more performant, this means a bit more latency on the previews, but the full screen projection areas still render at the maximum refresh rate with as little latency as possible.

OpenGL Changes

  • Updated all OpenGL code to support Core Profile 3.2.
  • Previews render in the main thread and made thread safe.
  • Quartz Composer is still supported via a seperate Legacy Context.


  • Fixed crash or hang when adding or removing chop areas.
  • Removed rendering start delay on opening a new file.
  • General code clean and removal of outdated code.

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