Just a quick update as we approach Christmas, been a bit busy visiting family and also got myself run down by flu last week, so development took a bit of a hit the last few weeks. Just got back into things the last couple of days with renewed vigour and some late night coding sessions.

I’ve almost finished the next iOS update, which will add the text functionality that I put in the OSX version, that’s pretty much wrapped up now. I’ve got to address a couple of bugs that seemed to have popped up with a recent iOS update and improve some things with detecting external devices.

While I seem to be in full dev mode at the moment, I’ve got personal plans for the next few days, I might be able to wrap things up by tomorrow and send it to Apple for review, but I doubt it’ll make it through the review process till the New Year, but I have no idea what apple are like during the holiday season.

I will keep you all posted, and if this is the season for you, enjoy your holidays!

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