New XCode 7 Testing Facilities

I’m updating Unit Testing for the next OSX release and see a couple of new features in XCode.

Testing code coverage is nice, it was available before, but wasn’t the easiest to implement. It’s now built in and can be turned on from the Schemes editor, and reports turn up under the reports tab.

The actual code coverage report could be presented better, there doesn’t seem to be any order to it. My coverage isn’t too bad on the underlying model and rendering facilities, but I see some stuff I’ve missed. It also shows classes that I’ve forgotten altogether, while a couple are things I’ve overlooked or put off, A lot of them are to do with my User Interface.

Which brings me to the next added feature in XCode, UI testing. I know there are companies that provide UI testing for xcode, I didn’t see a free one… So I’d been testing manually, but finally it’s been added to XCode 7. I’ll be looking at implementing that too in the future if it looks like it’ll work.

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