Reality Augmenter Release Notes 1.1.1

Long delay this time, updates were suspended while iOS development was completed. iOS version now released, and this means some new changes for the OSX version that were implemented in iOS.

Unit testing has been greatly extended to cover more core functionality, including the rendering, this picked up some unusual problems that required fixing, further delaying update, but will bring greater benefits in the long term.

New Features

  • Image support, most image formats can now be imported and used as sources.
  • Processors and Sources can now be used as masks, this means you are no longer restricted to circle masks and can use videos, images, syphon, QC and screencapture as inputs. A circle mask is still created an maintained in the application.
  • Mask invert and threshold, as part of the mask updates, individual layers can now invert masks, and define a threshold for mask coverage in greyscale.


  • Fixed occasional rendering glitches picked up by unit testing.
  • Layer updates to setting/unsetting masks, turning layers, masks and overlays on or off are now more reliable and responsive.
  • General code clean and cleaner organisation as part of iOS shared code base.

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