Plans for next release

So after fixing the layers view, I’m going to address another fundamental part of the GUI, video importing. At the moment I’m using the stock apple UIImagePickerController for importing video and images, it’s less than satisfactory for my needs, it arbitrarily takes over the connected display, a totally undocumented feature which doesn’t seem to be able to be turned off. I’ll be replacing it with a custom importer, the basics are already there with the slideshow creator, and while I’m at it, improve other features of video importing and usage to better conserve resources and make the the Reality Augmenter more responsive.

Hopefully that won’t be too tough and I can add some extra stuff and still keep within a 2-3 week release cycle. After that there are going to be some major new features and improvements in the coming months, you simply can’t get a better projection mapping app for your mobile device.

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