Reality Augmenter Release Notes 0.9.1

Reality Augmenter Release Notes 0.9.1

Image Unit and Mapping Layer Changes

The single chop area processors are no longer available to the user. They are now automatically maintained internally by the application, and most of their functionality moved to the mapping layers. This makes adding processors entirely optional, basic mixing and image processing can be done directly from the outputs screen. This also brings openGL performance improvements, reducing texture copy and memory usage, moving work to the shaders.


  • Single Area Processors removed from interface, Processors now an optional stage.
  • Mapping layers table cell views updated.
  • New popup inspector available for mapping layers.
  • Colour pickers made available to choose alpha colour for Processors or Overlays.
  • Opacity control added for Overlays.
  • Negative option available for Processors and Overlays.
  • Colour match for alpha now has a small tolerance for smoother effect.
  • Added check boxes to turn masks and overlays on or off seperate to the layer control.
  • Default mapping layer created for new documents.


  • Fixed rendering sometimes not updating after changing Mask, Processor or Overlay in a mapping layer.
  • Circular mask calculates a better optimum size, looks much smoother and less wastefull.
  • Rendering objects provider reclaims resources better.
  • Shader code reorganised.

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