Testing development completed and new version now out

Well it took a while but I finally completed testing development, not that such a thing is always complete, but now my app is covered by many, many more tests. Split into UI and unit tests, it should cover nearly all the functionality of the app, meaning I’m less likely to forget some aspect of my app before releasing to everyone.

This all became necessary as my app grew more and more complex from it’s initial basic functions, and I have even more complex features to come, it’s important that all the basics work with every release, and as a developer, I’m always more excited about my new features and it’s easy to forget some of my earlier work!

You can see my automated GUI tests in this video, covering nearly all the functions available to the user tested in various ways. The video has been sped up 3x as the full GUI test run currently takes about 1/2 an hour.

I’m already working on the new version, I’m going to get rid of the lock screen that blocks access to the app without a projector connected. There’s so much more we can do without the projector now, it seems unnecessarily inconvenient. It’s a little more work than expected, the app has to respond to a projector being connected and disconnected in many more states, and how it reacts in each situation has to be considered.

Check back for more updates!

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