Version 1.16 Out

Hope you all like the new update! I untethered you from the projector. The lock screen seemed like a good idea at the start, partly because I didn’t know how Apple would deal with my app for review, and I wanted to make it clear what the app did, and how it wouldn’t really work without a projector.

It does a lot more now than just simply projecting videos that it makes sense to be able to work without being connected to the projector, also I kept getting frustrated trying to show the app to people being interested in it, and not having a projector handy. Another issue is that people are buying it, and I’m so glad you are, and I it makes me feel apple will take it a little bit more seriously. The Reality Augmenter is a continually evolving app and I would love to hear your feedback BTW.

The layer geometry screen still needs some work, I’ll change it so you get full animation when not connected to the projector in the next couple of weeks. Currently it is still geared towards having the projector, and is deliberately low resource to draw quickly when connected and interfer as little as possible with the projected view. Obviously, if no projector is connected, that’s not an issue, just redoing the OpenGL for that part was going to need a rethink, and I figured you’d still like the new feature.

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