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Reality Augmenter Release Notes 1.0.1


Table cell views no longer render all the time. Although it looked nice, it would play havoc with the render rate. Cell views will update if moved, or if you mouse over the view. The previous functionality can be turned back on in the preferences, but the document must be restarted.


  • Fixed glitching when using video with a processor.
  • Full screen views now exit full screen on document close.
  • Fixed various bindings errors in the GUI.
  • Fixed some deallocation and observation problems caused during document closing.
  • Max texture size increased to 4096×4096.

Reality Augmenter Release Notes 1.0.0

First Release!

It’s been in Beta long enough, time for the first release. Shop is now available to purchase a full copy. Please contribute, I don’t have a job at the moment, and I’m working on this full time with only unemployment benefits to support me!

Other fixes

  • Fixed Yosemite crash trying to add Syphon source.
  • Fixed Yosemite problem resizing windows causing preview views to glitch.
  • Fixed occasional hang on document opening.
  • Various small bugs fixed identified in unit testing.

Reality Augmenter Release Notes 0.9.2

New Circular Warp processor

This release has a new processor, a Circular Warp distortion, bend inputs areas to your will. It has options specifically to set up for projection mapping a waveform to a turntable as seen in some of my videos. Either set the dergrees for the arc, or switch to turntable mode and use the total length of the waveform in seconds, combined with the record speed to get a waveform perfectly matched to the turntable. This feature was a long time in coming, but would not work to a satisfactory performance level in it’s previous CI Filter form. Implemented in my own openGL solution, it’s super fast even on large areas.


  • Processors view redsigned, the processor controls have been removed from the main view and image inputs table expanded. Controls area was normally too small to be useful.
  • Processors now have inspector popups, controls accessed from there.
  • Insert dialog updated to look better and added more controls.
  • QC Compositions can now have dimensions updated after insert.
  • Added help popoup to the mapping layers view.
  • General small GUI updates to layout, spacing, constraints etc.
  • Texture sizes limited to 2048×2048 or as large as the GPU allows (May be adjustable in the future, depending on GPU)


  • QC Parameters sometimes not being available fixed.
  • Fixed layer table view constraints in outputs view.
  • Fixed 2 channel mixer shader inputs and controls.
  • Fixed crash on document close if image processors were in use.

Reality Augmenter Release Notes 0.9.1

Reality Augmenter Release Notes 0.9.1

Image Unit and Mapping Layer Changes

The single chop area processors are no longer available to the user. They are now automatically maintained internally by the application, and most of their functionality moved to the mapping layers. This makes adding processors entirely optional, basic mixing and image processing can be done directly from the outputs screen. This also brings openGL performance improvements, reducing texture copy and memory usage, moving work to the shaders.


  • Single Area Processors removed from interface, Processors now an optional stage.
  • Mapping layers table cell views updated.
  • New popup inspector available for mapping layers.
  • Colour pickers made available to choose alpha colour for Processors or Overlays.
  • Opacity control added for Overlays.
  • Negative option available for Processors and Overlays.
  • Colour match for alpha now has a small tolerance for smoother effect.
  • Added check boxes to turn masks and overlays on or off seperate to the layer control.
  • Default mapping layer created for new documents.


  • Fixed rendering sometimes not updating after changing Mask, Processor or Overlay in a mapping layer.
  • Circular mask calculates a better optimum size, looks much smoother and less wastefull.
  • Rendering objects provider reclaims resources better.
  • Shader code reorganised.

Reality Augmenter Release Notes 0.9.0

New Rendering Pipeline

After many problems with stability and threading, the rendering pipeline has been completely rewritten.

Thread synchronisation has been tightened, with all interactions between the GUI and the background rendering thread now locked to specific synchronisation points. Core data is now used in the main thread only, with background rendering objects handled by a seperate provider. Fixes a multitude of crashes and hangs, the application is much more stable and runs better under heavy load, providing a higher fps throughout.

OpenGL resources are better managed, resources are allocated, reused and reclaimed more efficently.

OpenGL mutli threading disabled, it was causing some interesting thread conflicts but didn’t bring any signficant performance increase. May bring it back as user option.

Single Area Processor Auto Creation

Processors are now automatically created for each chop area, making sources available instantly for the mapping layers.

New property added to single areas, Black to Alpha. this makes any black pixel transparent, for use in overlays. This functionality will be expanded on in the future as it’s a bit basic.

Single area processors will eventually be hidden from the user before the final release, their functionality will be moved to the mapping layers, freeing processors for special cases.

Other changes

Default mapping defintions automatically created for detected outputs.

Double clicking the sources table now activates chop area editing mode.

Reality Augmenter Release Notes 0.8.4

New Feature : Video Player

A new input source is avalaible, a video player! Can loop videos, slow playback rate and set volumne. Uses av foundation and should play all standard video file types supported by Apple.

GUI Improvements

Sources can now implement popups to change values after insertion. Only implemented for video Player for now.

Other fixes

Overhauled thread management and coordination, eliminates some random crashes.

Cleaner seperation between Model and Render operations as part of the above, results in smoother GUI response for some operations and less headaches for me in the code.

Processor image inputs update correctly when changed.

2 Channel mixer sets correct dimensions.

Screen capture can be inserted again after being deleted.

Updates checked for in a new location.

Known Issues

Still some occasional hangs when starting or opening a document, less frequent now, related to core data. Improvement is an ongoing task.

Video player can occasionally struggle with HD videos, but eventually settles to running smoothly and constantly. Seems to be related to AVPlayer.

Reality Augmenter Release Notes 0.8.3

Major Stability Improvements

Lots of stability improvements to address some long standing frustrating random crashes and freezes, the app is now much more stable overall. Fixd eoccasional freeze on startup and opening files. Fixed crash switching views, Fixed crash editing image units. Better handling of threading in general.

Changes to Outputs

Layers can now use processors as an overlay. Overlays are mixed with the main mapping layer processor using the alpha channel of the overlay.

Other fixes

QC Compositions work again, previous couple of updates caused glitching and slow playback, this is now fixed and qc renderes nice and smooth again

Reality Augmenter Release Notes 0.8.2

Changes to Outputs

Masks have been moved so they are now set on individual layers rather than on Processors. Files saved in previous version should automatically migrate to the new data model version.

The outputs rendering now uses openGL shaders to support the mask and for future planned improvements. Should be a little more performant too.

Other changes

Text added to Processor view so it’s clearer what actions are required.